Passion for Innovation

Our family-owned business has been in and around the gutter industry since the early 1980's. What we noticed right from the start was a serious need to provide homeowners with quality products and services. This inspired us to develop a superior gutter guards that would stand above the competition and truly deliver on the promise to end gutter cleaning forever.

Driven by the passion to create a quality product, our team of engineers and industry specialists combined years of knowledge, skills, and resources to create the best gutter protection system on the market. Those efforts paid off and resulted in the creation of RHINO Gutter Guard®.

We go way beyond average gutter covers, leaf guards, or gutter screens. RHINO Gutter Guard® was the first of its kind by applying intelligent engineering to incorporate lightweight aluminum and surgical-grade stainless steel micro-mesh. Not only did we create a product that truly protected the gutter system when installed, but it also proved to strengthen it.

In 2010, THE RHINO® became an immediate success within the industry. The unprecedented features and benefits of the product, along with an affordable price, caught the attention of many. RHINO's popularity continues to grow as it's quickly becoming the micro-mesh gutter protection system of choice.

Part of our company's heritage is also steeped in our belief that customer satisfaction is the key to success. When manufacturing each product, we keep the customer in mind and think about how our system will protect their home. We are driven to continue providing quality products that our customers can always trust and rely on. To ensure that, each of our products undergo a series of extensive quality control measures before they even leave the warehouse.

To position ourselves as the trusted brand in the gutter protection industry, we feel that it is vital to keep our finger on the pulse of the gutter guard and home improvement industries. By doing this, we continue to provide superior gutter protection and maintenance products that offer solid solutions for any and all gutter issues.

In 2014, we introduced a series of miters that are designed to efficiently outperform traditional diverters that are commonly known for being unsightly and ineffective debris traps. This same year, we released the downspout caps to complete the system by keeping out troublesome animals that crawl up the downspout and nest in gutters or burrow into attics.

We currently offer a number of products that make up an entire system known as THE RHINO®. Each of our products are distributed through our growing national network of authorized dealers who are trained to professionally install our one-of-a-kind gutter protection.

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