If your gutters look more like a garden instead of a system designed to protect your home from water damage, then you already know one of the reasons why gutter guards can be important. Plants and small trees belong in the yard, not on your roof.

Unprotected gutters will fill with debris from surrounding trees and other debris carried on the wind that ends up on your roof. No matter where you live, nature’s elements will find a way into your gutters and lead to serious problems.

When a gutter clogs…it fills with water, overflows, and becomes totally useless. Issues caused by debris collecting in your gutters are:

  • Water overflow leading to foundation damage and soil erosion
  • Build-up of dry debris is a fire hazard
  • Water leaking into your attic and walls
  • Standing water creates the perfect habitat for mosquitos
  • Moisture problems that encourage mold growth and termite/pest infestation

Cleaning your gutters regularly can help keep these things from happening, but getting up on the ladder several times a year isn’t just a hassle – it’s not safe.

gutter-cleaningCleaning gutters is notoriously one of the worst outdoor chores and we’re confident that many folks agree. At THE RHINO®, we save homeowners from doing dirty work.

RHINO Gutter Guard® is a system that creates a protective barrier keeping leaves, seed pods, pine needles, shingle grit and other debris out of your gutters. Our goal is to take gutter cleaning off of your "to do" list.

We researched a number of gutter protection technologies including reverse curve, hoods, foam, screens, and other mesh guards. The one consistent issue with each product was that they all failed to do what they were intended to do…keep debris out while allowing all of the water in.

We knew we coul do better and we did by developing a product that would optimize water flow while keeping all debris out of the gutter system.

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